World-Class Media Services for Companies

The Mediazone Group serves a limited number of global corporations with cutting edge media-related advice over the course of the annual contract. The contracts usually cover;

overseeing the company’s corporate communications efforts,
reconstructing publicity strategies
building policy
mentoring senior publicists
building revenue generating communication tools, more…..

Periodically, the Mediazone Group conducts workshops for top, middle and lower-end management. Seating priority is
awarded to customers of the Group. Topics include;


Writers versus Readership: How to Get the Right Match.
Bending the truth? Why is it Done and in Whose Best Interest?
Better the Devil you Know: Money First, Politics Later
Pruning the Edit Tree: When’s it Time?
When Oil and Water Mix
Quest for the Perfect Interview
Getting Ahead: The Secret Elevator
Breaking Down the Door: Getting the Editorial Job for Certain
Meditating: The Cure for Headlines and Headaches
Writing for the Editor or the Reader
Writers: No One Size Fits All
Fighting the Wars Within
Dealing with Failure? Change Tables
Planning the Ideal Schedule
What’s In a Cover Line?
Knowing How to Steer a Publication
Staying Sensational
Cultivating a Readership
Handling Editorial Interference
The Wish List


Planning the "Right" Sales Approach
Choosing the Right Kind for a Sales Job
Swift Thinking: Are We All Able?
It's a Numbers Game. Or Is it?
The Greater the Care, the Sweeter the Fruit
Incentives: It's a Question of What Makes You Tick
Agencies: Understanding the Business
Dollar Run! Go Get Your Friends!
The Secret to Repeat Business


Lasting Impact
Short, Sweet, Swift and Accurate
That Annoying Cost Factor! It Can Go Away!
Linear (from Promoter to Consumer) or Multilevel (involving editorial and circulation) Marketing, it's a mind game.
Chain promotions: How to Make them Work!
The Worst Part of Being Innovative


The Audit Question
Visibility Made Easy
Who Really Pays the Cost of Circulation.
Inventory: Is it Really Worth the Effort?
Handling the Distributor/s
Taming the Asian Lions


Swift but Just How Accurate?
My Tryst With Search Engines
The Cyber Dollar – It's True Value
Tracking the Promotional Dollar

Broadband/ Radio/ TV

Another Battle Destined to Fail?
The Consumer Likes to Read and Re-Read.
Whose Time is it Anyway?
Agencies: Winners or Losers?
Trends and Tricks of the Trade
Some Markets' Favourite
Old Habits Die Hard
The Battle of Perception
Waves that Matter Most
Budgets Determine Success?
Creativity: Consumers Really Decide What’s Creative
Agencies: Making Hay While the Sun Shines
Dollar First, Quality Maybe


Being Assertive About Ideas, Budgets and Clear Responsibilities.
Screening Proposals
How to Sift the Wheat from the Chaff
Should Agencies be Doing Your Job?
Why Should you Care About Your Products
Using Your Budget to Promote Yourself
Laws on Kickbacks
Making the Most of Your Advertising Dollar
Why Getting Without Giving Backfires
Reap Tomorrow as you Sow Today.
Getting Help Discretely.
Dollar Saving Vs Dollar Earning
Taking Criticism Positively

For Middle Management and Below


Clients reserve full rights over all film and content that arises from the workshop NEWSROOM reserves the right to use the edited videotape for its internal use.

Though the NEWSOOM is conducted purely in the English language, participants with less than average command over the English language are encouraged. They will encounter NO problems. Herein lies another unique aspect of the NEWSROOM.

Weighing publications for clout/visibility/editorial integrity/reach.(multiple choice questions) Understanding job functions of media titles – eg. Reporters, Special Feature Writers, Editors, Special Projects Directors, Advertising Directors, Traffic Co-ordinators, etc. (Quiz)Covers: Do covers reveal the ambitions of magazines? (illustration and examples)Components of editorial: Targeting the right journalist for your news (do’s and don’ts) Building a loyalty data-base of your Media friends.(multiple choice) Industry-Specific Media: Is there such a thing? (through interviews with participants) Editorial and Advertising: Why bother about other components of a newspaper/magazine? (Q&A) Media is like a tree: So what fertilizer must I use to get the sweetest fruit? (Q&A)

You think that news is about conflict and controversy. When you are in the news, you expect that reporters will be looking for the negative, and will present it in a way that will best appeal to their audience. Is this true?

Understanding the media agenda and how to deal effectively with it; (multiple choice)
Deciding who should be the spokesperson and why; (Q&A)
Differences between print, broadcast and trade publication interviews and how to prepare for each; (examples)
How to anticipate the questions a reporter will ask so you can have answers ready before the interview begins;
(research tips)
Expert tips on what to say when you don't want to -- or can't -- answer. (Q&A)
Easy steps to developing your own message and getting it out in a crystal-clear and quotable way; (examples
and exercises – writing and editing)
How to deftly handle reporters' tricks and traps; (examples and Q&A)
The hidden messages your body language -- tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions -- gives, and how to
control them so you project confidence, believability and authority. (Quiz and/or multiple choice)
Wardrobe and makeup tips; (examples and quotes)
The most effective techniques for thinking on your feet; (research tips)
When and how to turn down an interview. (examples)

Participants are assigned various scenarios (examples below) and will be requested to prepare to be interviews LIVE (at random).
Each participant picks a number and reads it aloud. The Host reads out the corresponding assignment. The participant
is to prepare to be interviewed on this subject on camera, by the host/guest host on the next day of the programme.

Scenario 1: Your company (Pewlett-Hackard) is about to lay off several hundred workers. Simultaneously, they
have announced the release of a Corporate Ad campaign worth $100 million. You have to explain BOTH.
Scenario 2: Your company has developed a new product or service that will revolutionize your industry.
Scenario 3: Rumors are spreading that a merger or takeover is near... KFC is about to take control of Motorola.
No one believes this. People expected it to be the other way around.
Scenario 4: Your organization has decided to freeze all salaries and the boss and board members get their
regular increase.
Scenario 5: Your company has forced male staff to retire earlier than female staff and is being charged by the
equal opportunities commission, for sex bias.

Tips on How To :
Research your issues, your organization and your competition.
Prepare to answer tough questions
Face media interviews on television, control your facial expressions and body language and tame nervousness.
Anticipate questions reporters will ask during a crisis;
Develop messages you'll need even before a crisis occurs;
Choose questions to answer, which to avoid – and how to avoid them;
Bridge to your own message and what to say when you do;

Each participant is interviewed for 10 minutes on Camera on topics they had been assigned to on day one.

The Mediazone Group does NOT as course entertain firefighting assignments from non-retainer clients. In extraordinary cases however, where life or major destruction is likely, the Group may make and exception. In such cases however, at least TWO recommendations from local public office is necessary to process applications immediately. The Group‘s services have been sought in cases including but not restricted to;

financial misadventures,
war and arms-issues,
refugee matters,
public sector policy,
worker’s union issues
celebrity matters
corporate malpractice/espionage, more….

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