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Welcome to Public Relations & Mass Communications MASTER CLASS with GLENN ROGERS: CEO of the Mediazone Group in Hong Kong, Keynote Speaker, Author of Global Best-Selling Self Help Book – How to Sell Like Jesus. Corporate Alchemist.
It is no co-incidence you are reading this because;
If You are Restless to:
Meditating to ‘Corporate Detox’
Meditating to ‘Corporate Detox’: The Inner Journey Begins. Self-help exercises to go Beyond the Mind to the Source. Tapping into your inner strengths e.g. compassion, empathy, joy, togetherness, connectivity. Ejecting the Past and the Future. Reveling in the Present.
From Words to Silence: Finding yourself. Who are you? Are you the body-mind? Make the most amazing, unbelievable discovery that you where never who you thought you were. Now that you know, you are ready to know and help others.
The Art & Craft of Public Relations:

A. Techniques for Attentiveness: Simple Devices to Apply in Daily Corporate Life.

B. How to Become the Niche (job) that’s right for you!

C. The ‘Do-Good’ chain reaction. How to create Masterly win-win Strategies.

D. The Ant and Grasshopper Theory – Building a Smart Media Friends Circle.

Channelling the Creative from Within

1. Carrying Courage: The Untethered Soul – The Joy of Being Free from Any Fear.

2. Being Different: How to Smart-Sell Your Unique Value.

3. Creative Writing: It’s NOT what you think.

4. Client Procurement: Beyond the Pitch.

5. Creative Client Servicing: Steering the Path – Leading with Conviction.

6. Interviews: How to Evoke Meaning.

The Journey Begins: A Fresh New You!

1. Viral Events: Crafting Magical Viral Moments eg Gratitude Dinners. Simple, Effective, Revenue-Generating Promotions.

2. Promotions with lasting-Expressions. Giving is Getting. 

3. Understanding the Rhythm of the Opposites and its Application in Corporate Life.

4. The Philosophy of Emptiness: A Guide to Minute-by-Minute Success.

5. Sharing Your Gifts with the World.

Thanksgiving: Sit in Silence. Stay in and Enjoy Transcendence.
All participants will be Awarded a Certificate of Completion and photos of the workshop.

Date: Fall 2018

Booking: For NON-MEDIAZONE HKMVC AWARD Winners: (per person) HK$12,500/- including Morning + Evening tea and Lunch.

For MEDIAZONE HKMVC AWARD Winners: HK$6,800/- including Morning + Evening tea and Lunch.

Venue: Mediazone Studios, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

For booking and further information, please fill up the booking form HERE and e-mail to
Important: If the workshop is cancelled for any reason, the full amount paid will be refunded.
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