Confidentiality is key to the progress of the world's most competitive companies. Owners of companies, celebrities, top management and high ranking government officials prefer to take advantage of media-related intelligence in the plush and discreet comfort of private jets. In partnership with Hong Kong-based Metrojet, the Mediazone Group brings to the discerning clients, the world's first and only Sky Newsroom.

Programmes are tailor-made to suit individual requirements and thanks to Metrojet's being a sister company of the
Peninsula Group, full service catering is truly world class.

Flights are usually out of Hong Kong but schedules are flexible to suit client requirements.

The Mediazone Group's client list comprises heads of government, ministers, owners of the world's largest
corporations, management of listed companies celebrities and other high net worth individuals over a wide range of industries. Personal security is arranged often jointly and the Mediazone Group assigns a Special Projects Team to arrange each workshop for VIP comfort. The Group's extensive network with hotel, entertainment facilities, transport and law keeping organisations ensure international protocol issues and client comfort and security are not compromised.
Content for each workshop is designed by the Group's regional and local editors and market specialists with input
from regional think tanks, research houses, general news and industry veterans. Content is only discussed with target
clients and hence no indication of content character can be offered here.
Inquiries on future media workshops or for exclusive engagements may be sent via e-mail to
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