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We present an extraordinary story of ANITA MOORJANI, a woman who lived amongst us fell to cancer, passed into the beyond and returned with a shocking, surprising message for humanity. Her tale is our tale in many ways. In this story, you will find the courage to live, regardless of your circumstances and after you read this story, your life will never be the same. By WALTER SUM.

Born in Singapore of Indian parents, Anita has lived in Hong Kong most of her life. She is multi-lingual, and from the age of two, grew up speaking English, Cantonese, and an Indian dialect simultaneously. Like many Indian girls, she grew up having to balance traditional values and upbringing, with modern trends.
Working in Kong Kong, for several years before her cancer diagnosis in 2002, she was not unlike your regular 9-6 office lady. Career before all and little time for herself, she lost a close friend to cancer not so long before her own diagnosis came through.

Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006.
Unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for almost four years, Anita entered another dimension, where she experienced great clarity and understanding of her life and purpose here on earth.

She was given a choice of whether to return to life or not, and chose to return to life when she realized that “heaven” is a state and not a place.
This resulted in a remarkable and complete recovery of her health. Anita’s amazing story inspires us to transform our lives by living more authentically, discovering our greatest passions, transcending our deepest fears, and living from a place of pure joy.

Her true story will radically alter your current beliefs about yourself, your purpose on earth, your health, your relationships, and your life.

Life Transforming

World-renowned author, Dr. Wayne Dyer was instrumental in bringing Anita's story to public attention, and wrote the foreword to her book.

Following the global success of her book, which is being translated and published into 34 different languages, Anita continues to inspires her audiences to transform their lives by living more authentically, discovering their greatest passions, transcending their deepest fears, and living from a place of pure joy, and has the ability to explain such mind-bending concepts as timelessness, non-duality, and simultaneous realities, in such simplified terms that everyone can understand.

Turning Point

In her own words: “It wasn't until I ‘died’ that I understood that life is not a zero-sum game. I had been suffering from what should have been the final stages of lymphatic cancer, when my organs shut down and I went into a coma. I was at death’s door, and the doctors told my family that I wasn’t coming back. However, while in the coma, I experienced what I would call an “awakening” - also called a “near-death experience”. During this state, I realised that I had my priorities wrong and had spent a lifetime trying to be something I’m not.”

“I used to believe I wasn't good enough, and I had to be more... do more, work harder, and be better, in order to be worthy or deserving any rewards. Many of us buy into the fear that we are not good enough the way we are and we need to do whatever it takes to get ahead of everyone else. So we get on this treadmill, constantly trying to get ahead of the person in front of us... except that the person in front of us is doing exactly the same thing, trying to get ahead of the person in front of them.
Ironically, many of us are like that even in our spiritual practices, believing that spirituality needs to be pursued, and we need to work at it harder, meditate longer, or read more - to be more spiritual than the next person.”

A Fresh Start

“Death made me re-evaluate what is actually important in life. When we don’t value the gift of life, our priorities are very different. But once we have a glimpse of death, and a deep understanding of our mortality, we realise: Wow! All these things that I thought mattered actually have no significance on the other side. It rearranges all our priorities in life - how we live, how we deal with our emotions... everything.”

“Having already faced death, I now know that spending a lifetime of always playing it safe, for example, by choosing the safest career, by pleasing people, worrying about what everyone else thinks of me, meeting everyone else's expectations except my own, being what everyone else wanted me to be, etc. felt like a totally wasted life. I feel so blessed to have been given a second chance, because most people don't get to come back when they learn that lesson. This time, I plan to pursue my dreams, love more, laugh more, not take life so seriously, and live fearlessly. Our life is our prayer. It's our gift to the world. We owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to be happy and spread that joy around.”

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Every little girl’s earliest dream is to live the life of a princess. She’s happiest when she’s her prettiest, and she’s prettiest when she’s innocent. Alas, life allows us little lease to remain innocent children, and slowly the almost fairytale-like magic fades, replaced by a harsh reality of society’s creation. Jennifer Cheng saw a niche for bringing back the magic and now offers every girl the chance to relive her happiest days as an ingenue through her hero product and invention, the patent-pending GlamPact: a palm-sized, all-in-one refillable, customizable make-up compact with rechargeable LED lights, resembling a movie star’s backstage dressing table.  From her atelier in Humphrey’s Avenue in busy Tsim Sha Tsui, Cheng shares her story. Excerpts.

Mediazone: You’re a keen businesswoman-cum-beauty junkie. Is that a fair assessment of your character?

Jennifer Cheng: Yes! I am a serial entrepreneur passionate about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and creating the technology enabling all of these areas to come together.  Beauty itself is a feeling!  It’s about loving yourself and believing in yourself and staying strong, despite the naysayers, of which there will be many.  I cherish the little girl in me; retaining my youthful beauty and mindset is important to me, as it is for any girl.  We all know when we have our best face forward.  As a businesswoman, I like challenging norms and reinventing concepts, and I think I’ve done both with Glam-it!

MZ: What made you hit upon the idea for your popular GlamPact?

JC: My own life, I guess.  GlamPact is one of those inventions you don’t realize you need, but once you see it, every girl’s eyes light up, and they want one.  I hit upon the idea when I was juggling my life as an actress and model in the hustle and bustle of New York City while also pursuing a corporate career.  Before auditions, shoots, filming, I’d need to quickly change up my look, or touch up my makeup.  Same with when I entered the boardroom for meetings.  I kept wishing for an all-in-one customizable makeup compact, my best beauty buddy and friend, with a light for moments like dinner or nights out with friends.  It’s that feeling of being “ready” for what’s coming next, “ready” for life.  Practically speaking, whatever city I traveled to, I saw a lot of girls, like me, with not enough purse space or time...we’d literally be laughing and dropping lipsticks, eyeliners, etc. while rummaging around our purses in taxis, in the subway/MTR, etc.
In a deeper broader sense, my reason for creating the GlamPact, is that,  like most girls, I too wanted to live the life of a fairytale princess. However, as you grow, the realities of the society we have created seem to eat into this childhood fantasy. By the time you step into the working world, nearly all traces of this happy childhood have all but completely eroded. One day I looked back and realized that my childhood days were my happiest. Instantly I knew there was a market for a lifestyle brand that would help women press the pause button and recreate that childhood happiness. I think every woman never stops wanting to be a princess. My brand offers every woman the opportunity to relive that magic.

MZ: How did you pick the Glam-it! name?

JC: Glam-it! comes from a well-known cuss word, a sharp noise made by a girl who dropped all her makeup, or can't find her favorite eyeliner or lipstick while scrounging around her purse. GlamPact is mostly the shorthand of a glamorous compact, but also stands for Glam plus Impact.  There is a lot of meaning behind it.  The word Pact means to make a promise.  I made a promise to myself and to girls everywhere, that I’d come up with a product that empowered us to reach our full potential, and at the same time save us time, that most precious commodity and currency, one that unlike money, can never be regained or earned back.  I’ve said before that it’s no longer enough to be pretty, smart, successful. We need to be everything. We were told that we could have it all, so we strive towards that. It’s exciting, fun, and incredibly difficult to be a girl. Beauty is not about how you look. It is a feeling. Glam-it! and GlamPact are designed around helping girls figure all of this out, so we can do whatever you want, be ready for anything life throws at us, and be utterly and proudly ourselves. This is about giving girls the power to choose. That’s why no two GlamPacts are ever alike. It all comes down to the personal choices, an expression of individuality. The magical moment is when a girl sees herself in her very own GlamPact mirror, with her face in lights, knowing she is ready for anything!

MZ: How do you intend to carve a niche out for your brand in a market over-saturated with proven brand giants of the cosmetics world?

JC: My brand is not a competitor but a collaborator, you could say. The GlamPact does come with our own makeup, but what’s to stop girls refilling with their own choice of brand? That is the concept I am selling – the idea that you can have your very own, personalized dressing room wherever you go and whenever you need to express your individuality or look your best. It offers the ability to mix and match with 11 interchangeable slots for a whole gamut of makeup products ranging from foundation to lip-gloss. Girls on the go will no longer have to fumble with troublesome packaging while trying to stay beautiful.  In fact, I would go a step further, and say that Glam-it! is building an open-source platform for GlamPact.  GlamPact is the hardware, a smart phone, and iPhone for makeup if you will.  We are aiming to be the appstore of all makeup, meaning all brands are welcome to be in GlamPact, small, cult, iconic alike, as girls like to mix and match their makeup and their brands.

MZ: Your career has spanned a range of various gigs, from films to modeling to online retailing. What makes you so passionate about Glam-it! from a business perspective?

JC: My heart’s in it, which is why our brand’s logo is the pink heart.  The Pink Heart if you look closely is intertwined G’s, which stands for Glam, Girl, Good, etc. I believe that appealing to the hearts of consumers will ignite a growing belief in the brand, giving it a power to create happiness. In an increasingly impersonal world, a brand that helps people find themselves is guaranteed to have a strong appeal.  Also, I’m of the belief when you empower one girl, she has the ability to make a change in her immediate sphere, amongst her loved ones and community, and have a positive effect on the world.  I’d like to change the world, one GlamPact at a time.

GlamPact is available at high end department stores like Harvey Nichols, e-Commerce partners such as YesStyle/YesAsia , and since we embrace an Omni-retail strategy, a range of other online and offline outlets like Sense of Touch, Flawless, well as out of Hong Kong, for a total of 59 countries covered. While we are focusing on expanding into China, SouthEast Asia, Europe, N & S. America, we can see many more markets are opening up.

I’ve always believed that when you find yourself, you will find the world. My brand is about showing women the forgotten magic of living their dreams – becoming a movie star in their world and holding the power to make that happen, in the palm of their hands.

MZ: What are your expansion plans?

JC: Given the rising costs of shop space and labour, online as well as embracing omni-retail is the way forward. We already have a small but growing range of quality products like hand creams, balms and accessories such as our own line of sunglasses, watches, jewelry, fashion in development and more for which we are already seeing a growing demand. I have keen investors waiting for a piece of the action too. The challenge however is to grow pragmatically. Life’s taught me there is no free lunch, so I’m prepared to grow slowly but surely. The concept and devotion with which we market the brand is the wind beneath our wings. I believe that if the spirit of individuality truly exists, Glam-it will find and nurture it in every woman it touches, and in that lays my satisfaction and life’s purpose.

Queen of Hearts!

Jennifer Cheng |Founder & CEO

Jennifer Cheng is the Founder, Chief Glam Girl AKA CEO and Creator of Glam-It! by JennGlamCo, a global beauty fashion and lifestyle technology brand.  Born in the US and raised in Brookline MA, Jenn was a piano prodigy who completed the pre-college program at New Conservatory of Music while studying at Boston University Academy and BU School for the Arts.  Jenn graduated from Brown University with a BA in International Relations and received an MBA from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, following a career as an actress and model in New York City.   Post MBA, Jenn became known in Asia as a millennial serial entrepreneur holding senior positions in several technology and eCommerce companies, including Director of Business Development for Darizi, Director of Business Development APAC for Rackspace (NSYE: RAX), Vice President of uBuyiBuy (acquired by Groupon in 2010) and Queen Bee AKA Vice President of BEECRAZY (acquired then listed as Ensogo Group, ASX: EN88).  She also co-founded and was the President of Glamabox, launching the subscription commerce beauty box business to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and China.

Utilizing a “clicks to bricks strategy” Jenn first launched Glam-It! eCommerce in late 2013 with, then built a distribution network of online and physical partnerships, including launching her products to Harvey Nichols and Luxola (acquired by LVMH), before establishing the Glam-it! flagship physical retail store in Hong Kong.  Since then the brand has grown into a global business with distribution in 59 countries via omni-retail partnerships. is the company’s primary channel and one of the brand’s several global digital social commerce sites.  The patent-pending GlamPact is the company’s patent hero product.  GlamPact is the 1st all-in-one refillable and completely customizable makeup compact with skincare ingredients and rechargeable LED mirror.

Jenn has been recognized with numerous awards, including Mediazone’s “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” (2015); Ernst & Young Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2014) (Finalist) "Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Woman of Influence" AmCham (2014); SuperAchiever Woman Award, CMO Asia (2013); Most Promising Entrepreneur Award, APEA; (2012) 

Jenn contributes to the startup ecosystem as a mentor for Startup Weekend, TUS Park, Cocoon Accelerator, and was the vice-chair of NexGen.  With philanthropy she has been involved as an advisor to HER Fund, as well as sponsor and speaker for The Women’s Foundation.  Jenn is an active angel investor and equity advisor in high growth startups in US, Greater China, and SEA.  She has a regular column as a business writer for the South China Morning Post.  Jenn & Glam-it! were featured on BBC, CNBC, TEDx, SCMP, Elle, Cosmo, and others.  Glam-it! was named "Top 20 Hottest Startups" by HK Business Magazine.”   Jenn is active on the speaking circuit including TEDX, Think Young Entrepreneurship School (Google), Google Women’s forums, Google Entrepreneurship Panels, InnovFest Unbound, General Assembly, Retail World Asia, Mobile E-Commerce Asia, Mobile Payments and Marketing, Shanghai Technology University, and Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

Jenn lives in HK with her pomeranian Parker Posey, but splits her time between NYC, SF, LA, HK, SH, TW, SG.


Photo Credits: Gary Fu of Stars Production House | Makeup by Jennifer Cheng using GlamPact of Glam-it! by JennGlamCo
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Gold Thumb Rings Rings from The Squirrelz | Gold Timepiece Heart Necklace from The Squirrelz | Sunglasses by AKK
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Pink Topaz Heart Necklace by Priscilla Taylor | Orbit Ring by Arte | Heart Chandelier Earrings by Arte | Heart Charm Braclets by Links of London
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White Hoodie by PaperCats |
Pink Gown by Xuan Ting Yu.

Being global cover girl, high fashion model and world-class make-up artist all rolled into one elegant package isn't easy but that's what life held for the little blonde Dutch girl who dared to dream.

From the enchanting land of windmills, tullips and colourful cloggies, little Sandra Bakker stepped out to happen to an unsuspecting world, armed with statuesque-looks, élan, grace and an unrelenting disposition.

A whirlwind of a glamorous career later, she arrives in Hong Kong to explore the Pearl of the Orient.

As expected from someone with an event-filled life, Bakker finds herself at cross-roads once again. This time the choice is to up the ante as a make-up artist/model or to do that as well as serve the city's talent as a mentor.

Dare To Dream

Born in Holland in a tiny village called Julianadorp (meaning julianavillage) Sandra Bakker went to high school there. Always the little entrepreneur, she tried her hand at being a newspaper delivery girl, cashier, worked at tullip farms, grocery stores and the like, all to scrape up a few Guilders to buy little treats.
Upon graduating she was drawn toward the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam for Art. Alas! the fee was too expensive so she opted in favour of the all-round hairdresser school in Heerugowaard where she spent two memorable years.

Next came a two year stint at the beauty therapy/massage school in Haarlem after which she was scouted by a model agency supplying talent to a host of beauty pageants and global model contests. She travelled the world to represent Holland as a model.

The young Bakker then took up work as a hairstylist in Den Haag for a whileand did some freelance modeling, when a new partly government funded study came up. It was called All-Round Grimeurs Opleiding which basically means Special effects make up for TV theatre plus hair-wig making etc. which accounted for three years during which Bakker won an on-line modeling contest taking her to London, Milan and New York!

Fresh Calling

But, life for the young, sexy model was not all glamour and jet setting.

"It meant a lot of hard work and balancing between being a good model and being a good make-up artist. While both sides brought immense satisfaction, I guess it was the learning curve that was most interesting. It was fascinating to see just how the cogs in this huge fashion-glamour industry turned. The art aspect of the modeling world took on new dimensions in my mind and I guess that's when the first seeds of talent mentoring first took root."

"Eventually, work brought me to Asia which was in a sense, the turning point in my life. The sheer energy, galaxy of colours and a colossal wave of fresh opportunity proved a heady mix.

Talent Galaxy

"Fascinating Hong Kong immediately stole my heart as the talent here is absolutely fabulous. Having said that, in comparison to Europe, the modeling standards here are quite different and so while we have great talent in Hong Kong much needs to be done to take this talent to the international level.
The industry here needs to take these challenges on board for the greater, long term good. Talent must be nurtured, paid fairly and given the latitude to create.

To models in Hong Kong, I'd say, a great 'can-do' attitude could be a huge asset to an already amazing portfolio. Drop the arrogance and focus on doing your best because the quality of your work will attract more business for you. A bad attitude gets you nowhere."

"I think there is scope for setting standards in the modeling industry here as well as clear guidelines regulating the minimum wages for freelance talent as well. The whole idea is to make Hong Kong talent more globally competitive and thus give our young folk a clear perspective of the opportunity that waits them.

"I'd welcome the opportunity to play a bigger role in talent hunting amongst our young with a view to finding the stars of tomorrow who will in turn establish for Hong Kong, its rightful place in the galaxy of talent that makes this world a better place for us all," concludes Bakker.

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